World leader in chicory inulin seed, CHICOLINE proudly offers you a large range of varieties and innovative solutions that meet farmers’ expectations and those of all actors in the food production chain.

Welcome to CHICOLINE, a division of COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing SA, an independent family company in Belgium which develops, produces, and sells natural ingredients from industrial chicory and yellow peas.


CHICOLINE’s mission since 1986 has been to select the best quality chicory seeds for the inulin industry and for coffee chicory. Our expert team dedicates itself to chicory every day as well as creating new varieties of seeds to sell. Chicory is no secret to us any longer!

Together, we create a sustainable future for everyone who passionately shares our talents.

We are more than a supplier, we are partner

In becoming the ideal partner for players in chicory, our CHICOLINE team is always enters into more than just a simple supplier-client relationship with you. Supporting and advising you as our partner on a daily basis and guaranteeing you the best quality chicory seeds, this is our pledge to you, our client.

Innovate for sustainable agriculture

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of our work. By combining celebrated knowhow and innovative technologies, we have increasingly developed varieties of chicory that are better at meeting the farmers’ needs. So it is a point of honour for us that we remain a pioneer and actively contribute to scientific advances in chicory by co-operating with various public and private research institutions.


The human factor at the heart of CHICOLINE

We are acutely aware of the paramount importance of the human factor in our every day relationships with our partners, and also in our relationships with our teams. Our free enterprise encourages team spirit through trust, respect, and support, and we favour communication through listening, grateful appreciation, and transparency. Promoting a good mood, cultivating curiosity, and working with passion, this is the pledge that we make to all our co-workers.