Tomorrow’s selection of chicory varieties

Thanks to responsible innovative practices, CHICOLINE is now developing tomorrow’s selection of chicory varieties composed of unique varieties of high performing chicory that meet our partners’ agroeconomic requirements.

Helping to make agriculture sustainable

Are you a farmer? We offer a diverse range of chicory varieties for the conventional and biological farmer. We adapt to the limitations of the various regions of production and evolution of the market.

The best plants selected according to agroeconomic criteria

In order to constantly improve the hectare yield of our varieties of chicory, we select the best plants according to a multicriteria approach which includes:

  • the shape and size of the root
  • high level of inulin
  • resistance to bolting
  • tolerance of foliar diseases and root rot
  • germination of the seeds
  • speed and uniformity of growth
  • recovery of the soil

And the technological criteria

To guarantee you the best selection of chicory varieties, we also take the technological criteria into consideration. For example:

  • the length of inulin chains (degree of polymerisation)
  • a low content of free sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose)
  • a low level of asparagine to reduce the concentration of acrylamide in roasted products
  • the concentration and nature of the bitter compounds


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